Tata Beach, Golden Bay – extensive beach renovation

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Tata Beach, Golden Bay – extensive beach renovation

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After buying an old 1970’s double storey weatherboard home on the beachfront at Tata Beach, the family wanted the house updated as it had been untouched since it was first built.

Because the layout of the house was staying the same, the renovation (although substantial) was reasonably straightforward. The first step was to get some simple drawings approved to convert the large basement garage into living areas and to build a large deck on the top storey. The Renovate Me team took care of this part of the process for the clients, and presented a set of drawings based on their concepts and vision for the bach.

Construction was able to commence quickly. However, merely a few weeks into the renovation, we discovered that the borehole that provided the home with water had dried up. After some quick discussionswith the Council, and a fast-tracked resource consent, two large water tanks were installed on the back lawn and immediately started collecting water. This solution will provide the family with ample water.

Three months after construction began, the inside of the house was finished. The Renovate Me team was given clear instruction to noise proof as much as possible, as two-storey timber houses are not well known for solid sound-proofing. We focused on re-lining all interior walls and installed the appropriate gib and batts to minimise noise. The original wooden floor was re-screwed with over 1000 screws to get rid of any squeaks and creaks that had appeared over time. The clients installed carpet to the upstairs area to absorb noise for those downstairs.

All exterior joinery had been replaced with new double-glazed windows and doors, and the kitchen and bathroom had been replaced with newer, much shinier versions. The original basement garage had been converted into three bedrooms off a living room, a large family bathroom and a laundry area. The house was painted inside and out, and new carpets were installed.

The outside of the home was fixed up’(with priority given to the boat and kayak shed), including new soffits, barge boards and gutters, and a large deck. New concrete paths were laid outside and fences were built to secure the section.

The result is a large family bach, built with ‘beachside’ practicality (and a heated outdoor shower!) to make most envious!

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